Best Place for Agriculture in Russia

Best Place for Agriculture is Krasnodar Region which is known for its best quality land which is most fertile in Russia.

In this region soil is black and rich in minerals which don’t required fertilizers. Total land of this region is just 4% of Russia but this contribute maximum in total agriculture crops production.

The Climate conditions are very favorable for agriculture. This region is producing best quality wheat, sugar beets, sunflowers, fruits, berries and grapes. This Region is producing 150 types of agriculture products to many countries which is of worth 2.5 billions US dollars.

In 2013, the Unified Satellite Monitoring Centre of the Krasnodar Region was opened as part of a movement to develop precision agriculture. This is the first such center in the country. The Centre enables officials and farmers to monitor every agricultural field in the region, and collect and analyses data on fertilizers, machinery, crop rotations, and soil fertility. The Centre owes its success to the work of regional officials, who were the first in Russia to provide a full digital classification of agricultural lands.

More than 2,200 businesses, including 200 large and medium companies, operate in the food industry in the Krasnodar Region. The industry produces more than 2,500 food products, more than 40% of which conform to European quality standards. The food produced in the region include the following: oil and fat, dairy, meat, sugar, fruits and vegetables, and tinned food.

This Region is fulfilling the country need of food products and Crops as follows:-

Tea Leafs – 100% Rice – 75% Sugar – 21% Corn – 30%

Wheat – 12% Fruits – 15% Sugar Beets – 25% Sun Flowers – 12%

It clearly indicates that Krasnodar Region is the best place for agriculture in Russia. If you want to buy agriculture land in this area and you need full assistance in all the process, you can call us on our phone number +91-9716640004 or you can send mail to us on